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In a recent article over at PGA Tour, writer Sean Martin talks about he unique connection between PGA Tour Champ Tony Finau and the successful Summerhays family. "A trip to Australia and the opportunity to represent one’s country aren’t the only perks for the participants in the Junior Presidents Cup. The 24 players on the U.S. and International teams get to interact with the elite players who will compete in this year’s Presidents Cup, set for December at Royal Melbourne. While many juniors will be meeting their heroes for the first time, Preston Summerhays is accustomed to being around the PGA TOUR’s...

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Preston Summerhays' U.S. Junior Amateur Championship was recently highlighted on where they discuss his success and elaborate on how other young, inspiring golfers can learn from him. The excerpt below is from said article: "A golfer by the surname of Summerhays made headlines last week, but anytime that happens, more details are required. In this instance, it was Preston Summerhays, who won the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship on Saturday, two days before his 17th birthday. The win established Preston, a native of Utah who now lives in Arizona, as the latest branch to flower on a golf-rich family tree. His...

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Recently, Boyd and Tony Finau were featured in a segment from Golf Digest's Undercover Lessons series. The following excerpt is from the article: "Tour players and their teachers have their own unique way of communicating and working together. With “Undercover Lessons,” you get to eavesdrop on that world. Here, Tony Finau and his coach, Boyd Summerhays, slip on the mics and let us join them at the range. Their focus: driving. Tony ranked fourth on tour in 2018 in driving distance (315.1 yards). In 26 minutes on the practice tee, you’ll understand why the driver is Tony’s favorite club. Watch him...

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